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The World's Top 100 Hotels

AB-RoadThe Villas Bali Hotel and Spa was recently voted number 31 out of the world’s top 100 hotels and resorts by readers of AB-Road Magazine, Japan's leading travel-ler's guide.  With fifty private villa residences, each with their own private swimming pools and beautiful tropical gardens, The Villas is the original and still the best villa operation in Bali and it continues to break new ground with the newly opened Prana Spa.  Conceived by visionary Australian artist and entrepreneur Jim Elliott, the multi-million dollar Prana is a real departure in both philosophy and design from the usual Asian Zen-type spa.  Following the lines of classical Mogul architecture, the inspiration for Prana comes from the sumptuous palaces built by the Mogul rulers in the 16th century; while the spectacular interiors are based on the lavish furnishings, textiles, mosaics, paintings and carvings found in the great palaces of India’s Maharaja’s.

"The Villas Bali Hotel and Spa voted number 31 out of the world’s top 100 hotels and resorts!"