The Sun Herald – October 2004
The Sun Herald – November 2004
The West Australian - February 2005
Experiencing the Exotic
Behind a seemingly innocent facade lies a kingdom of fantasy, rich with mysteries of the east and the power to re-balance the body and spirit.

As if transported back in time, one almost expects to see a group of sensual belly dancers snake their bodies in and out of the arched passageways. The Spa envelops a central courtyard surrounded by high terracotta toned walls that are infused with climbing plants and palms. A series of dimly lit passages contain treatment rooms along with a single beauty salon that mirrors the sultry interior of a Bedouin tent.

The Spa offers three rejuvenating packages that have each been designed for guests to experience a generous cross section of spa treatments in the eternal quest for well-being.
"All body products have been produced using only naturally sourced herb and spice ingredients as well as essential oils"