LIFE  Each stage of Balinese life is marked by a series of ceremonies and rituals known as Manusia Yadnya. They contribute to the rich, varied and active life the average Balinese leads.

BIRTH  The first ceremony of Balinese life takes place even before birth. Another ceremony takes place soon after the birth, during which the afterbirth is buried with appropriate offerings. The first major ceremony takes place halfway through the baby's first Balinese year of 210 days.

NAMING  The Balinese only have four first names. The first child is Wayan or Putu, the second child is Made or Kadek, the third is Nyoman or Komang and the fourth is Ketut. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth will be another Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut and Wayan again.

COMMUNITY LIFE  Balinese have an amazingly active and organized village life. You simply cannot be a faceless nonentity in Bali. You can't help but get to know your neighbors as your life is so entwined and interrelated with theirs.

"Over 120 local artists and craftsmen have been engaged to replicate the intricate details and facets of a Mogul palace. "
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