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Living Well - Spa Bliss
Woman's DayThe Prana Spa and Villas complex in Seminyak, which opened in September, offers sunshine, smiles and a slow-paced lifestyle.  “Going to s spa should be a mind-and-body-altering experience” says Prana’s Australian creator, artist Jim Elliott.  “We created an environment that appeals to all senses and envelops you the moment you walk through the door.”

The right atmosphere is essential for fostering a calming, nurturing environment so visitors can instantly release outside stress and switch off for an hour nor so.  And a good spa or retreat caters for all the senses with low lighting, soothing music and subtle scents.  What sets Prana apart from other spas is its opulent Mogul-inspired architecture and interiors which Jim describes as a "departure in both philosophy and design from the usual Asian- Zen-type spa".

"The Prana Spa and Villas complex in Seminyak offers sunshine, smiles and a slow-paced lifestyle."