The Sun Herald – October 2004
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Living Like Rajahs
Woman's WeeklyThe Villas are charming with more of a traditional Balinese feel - and huge.  There are 50 in total just off the main drag of Jalan Raya Seminyak but once we closed the compound gate, it seemed like there were no neighbours to our own private oasis.

I've never been able to resist a bargain and some of Bali's best shopping can be found just a block away.  So it's just as well The Villas has its own world class spa to pamper you back to a state of blissed-out serenity.  Whereas many top spas opt for minimalist design, The Villas screams excess - in the best possible taste.

"Surrounded by red velvet and gold brocade, by elaborate carvings and intricate mosaics, you feel like a concubine in a Persian harem."